Thursday, August 22, 2013

Midweek brunch: A revisit of Devon Cafe

It is official, Devon Cafe in Surry Hills serves up some of the most inspired and beautiful breakfast items in Sydney. Do check out my previous post on it here.

Might be a sign of me getting old, but I've begun to appreciate the beauty of flora, and tranquility...

 With some reading materials preferably... Get in before the peak hours of 11am and thereafter for such relaxation.

The hubby chose a strong flat white for his morning caffeine fix.

While I chose to rejuvenate the senses through my sight with the dish that I picked, namely the bruschetta with avocado, Meredith's goat feta and pickled beetroot ($10).

It was unbelievably, luxuriously smooth. The generous spread of the ingredients yielded the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth experience and when it did, prepare for the best of both worlds in...

Sweet and savory.

Smooth, buttery ingredients and a crackling crispy toast that will send crumbs flying everywhere if you're not too careful. But table manners be damned, eat it with your hands, lick them off your fingers if need be... just enjoy it in all its utter perfection!

As did the hubby with his beautifully-presented Breakfast of Champions ($19.50)! It comprised of blood sausages, a potato gratin, apple puree, chestnuts and a poached "63-degree" egg. When questioned on the taste, the hubby had nothing else but love to express; wonderful ingredients that were harmonious with each other, and contrasted well with a dash of sweetness from the apple puree.

Go visit if you haven't already. :)

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P/S: New post coming up soon!


  1. Massive regret not getting that bruschetta on both of my visits! Since I'm not that much of a fan of mushrooms anyway I'd probably enjoy that more than the ultimate toastie.

    1. Haha, all the more reason to go back for the third time! And GET the bruschetta this time, you won't regret it :)